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Three years of my life as an EU student of English Literature at the University of East Anglia,England.

Chef Anne-Sophie’s Cooking Tips

I knew that my biggest challenge at UEA wouldn’t be the lectures nor speaking English or even the essays : but cooking. Cooking is my nightmare. I’m famously known for burning everything, from cakes to vegetables and omelettes, and even for making the most disguting sandwiches EVER. I never follow recipes because they bore me, I always want to experiment but it turns out extremely disgusting 99% of the time. Even though at home, I mostly relied on my parents, I didn’t plan to change and learn how to cook properly.

But I was willing to make efforts. And I have evidence to support my claim : these wonderful eggs and can-peas:


I grant you that it could be better but see, it’s not even burnt! So then I decided to have pizza – my favourite meal. And it was tasty!


Though to be fair it was a pre-made pizza 😦  BUT! I didn’t burn it in the microwave/oven!

However, when I got bored of pasta, rice and eggs (yep, pretty all I can cook), I decided to make a proper meal, with various vegetables. So as to add more taste and make it more interesting, I got the brilliant idea of getting onion : that’s when I realised onion made people cry. And I came up with a fantastic idea.


The swimming glasses/ski mask.

You can laugh if you want : IT WORKED! I never cook without my swimming goggles on now!  My flatmates also adopted my awesome method!


To finish on a more serious note, if you know any EASY (beginner level/children level) and quick vegetarian recipe, please let me know! I’m getting bored of eating the same things, I need you guys to motivate me!

As a thank you, here’s one of my favourit recipe:
1) Break eggs
2) Put them in a frying pan
3) Wait until it looks edible.


2 comments on “Chef Anne-Sophie’s Cooking Tips

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  2. Pingback: My university food is finally edible, yay! | Anne-Sophie at UEA

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