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Three years of my life as an EU student of English Literature at the University of East Anglia,England.

The Waffle House

Hey everyone! On Thursday, me, my flatmates and some other friends went out in town to celebrate Rachel’s birthday and also to say goodbye to Faye, who’s leaving university. They chose the Waffle House – I could tell just from the name that it was going to be awesome! And it was! 

Waffle House 4

They have a wide variety of meals, and everything comes with waffles, which I thought was a bit weird. But it turns out I had curry on a waffle and it was really good. But the best was the dessert : chocolate mousse on a massive waffle! You can even add ice cream and maple syrup on it, it honestly feels like a dream. 

I really like the concept of making everything with waffles. Also they’ve been open for over 30 years apparently, because one of my friends told me that their parents also went to the Waffle House when they were at UEA (a long time ago). 


Also the staff was really nice because they got us the whole room upstairs and allowed us to move all the tables. It felt like redesigning the restaurant 😛 . But we had a really good time, I already want to go again… Maybe for my birthday.

Picture of the family!

 Waffle House 6


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