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The Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts

The Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts is an amazing museum on campus! They have an impressive collection of old and diverse objects from all over the world and various eras, some paintings, photographs and sculptures. I really love museums and don’t get the chance to visit them often, but it took me ages before I finally took the time to visit the Sainsbury Centre. I eventually went and loved it! It’s much bigger than I thought.

I discovered an amazing sculptor : John Davies! I thought that the following sculpture was a real man at first.


All of his sculptures are incredibly vivid and striking, I really wish they had more in the Sainsbury Centre. I really liked this one too, even though it was almost disturbing. It doesn’t show well in this photograph, but the eyes looked so real that it felt really strange.


They had more traditional objects, such as African and Asian masks. I thought this one was very funny! But some were creepy…


And finally, my favourite piece of art: a phallic flute! Apparently, the mother of one of my friends (who studied Art History at UEA a long time ago) had to do her very first assignment on this object and didn’t realise that it had a very suggestive shape. 


They had a photograph exhibition about immigration called ” Points of Departure : Photography of African Migrations”. Most of the photographs showed the immigrants’ bedrooms, how they left all their belongings there, and how their family missed them. There is also an exhibition on Realism at the moment, but unfortunately I didn’t go because you have to pay for it. They have a small shop with lots of art books, postcards… I’m definitely going to go again!

You can check out their website for more information on their collection, opening times and temporary exhibitions!


3 comments on “The Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts

  1. Ravenclaw Book Club
    31 July, 2016

    So happy that a museum is so close to the university! Will definitely be visiting. 😃


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