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It’s My Birthdaaaaay!

Yep, I’m a big girl now! Last Saturday was my birthday, I’m now 20. It makes absolutely no difference but I feel old :P. I remember being 13 and thinking that 20 would be in ages, that I’d still be with my parents… So much happened since then, it’s crazy. Anyway, I spent the day working on my essays, I guess that’s an original way to celebrate it? On Friday evening, me and my boyfriend went out to celebrate it together. We went to Pizza Express in the Forum, it was awesome. Pizza is always awesome anyway! There was an awful band playing though, but it made the whole dinner hilarious. The guitarist could barely play, and as musicians we just could not ignore it. And then for dessert, ohmygod their Chocolate Glory is a dream! For the occasion I wore a dress, so look carefully because it’s not going to happen again any time soon.


The next day, me and all my flatmates went out in town to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen! If you’ve never tried it, try it. Their falafel burger is so good, and they have a few vegetarian options so that’s great. They have milkshakes, and the prices are really decent so you have to go there at least once. If you’ve got a smartphone, they’ve got an app that gives discounts. They only give free sauce on weekends but you get many percents off on week days! We had a really great time (well I know I did) and it was a great first birthday in England, without my family! My friends got me Ferrero Rocher and Cadbury chocolates, I LOVE THEM! I think they understood that I love chocolate a lot, haha. Thank you again guys 🙂 . And I got a ring from my boyfriend! That’s a really cute present. 



2 comments on “It’s My Birthdaaaaay!

  1. student nurse adventures
    3 December, 2014

    I noticed your ring today! It looks lovely! ^_^

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