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Music Society Shows: Jazz in the Hive and the Christmas Concert

Last Thursday, I went to Jazz in the Hive, a music society event. Only the Big Band played, but their awesome performance lasted for over two hours and it was so much fun! All the musicians are really talented and I was impressed to listen to all these different instruments in real life, with the energy of a live show. I was slightly worried since I don’t usually listen to or like jazz music but with them, it was totally different. They play several genres so it wasn’t like the cliché jazz I always dread. While most musicians rested halfway through the gig, a few stayed and played a few songs: they were only 6 or 7 on stage but what they did was amazing!

I recorded a video and uploaded it on Youtube. If you’re interested, here’s the link for Blues Brothers Revue. This song is awesome! My boyfriend is the bassist by the way.

Jazz. In the Hive.

Jazz. In the Hive.

And on Thursday, the entire music society did their Christmas Concert in Saint Thomas’ Church for over two hours: it was AWESOME! Once again, the Big Band was amazing but I was super excited to hear the concert band and the choir. As expected, they were all awesome. It was the first time in my life that I heard a real choir (I love that kind of Church music) and got goose bumps all along! Maybe it’s because it was freezing in the church, but I’d like to think I felt this way because the singers and musicians were good! The venue itself was cool and I even ended up reading the Preface to the Bible, which has interesting information about its translation 😛 . 


They even played Christmas songs, yay! …for those who enjoy Christmas stuff.

Unfortunately, I didn’t record any videos of the Christmas Concert but one of the trumpet players uploaded both concerts on Youtube.

Jazz in the Hive and Christmas Concert.

You can also check out their Facebook page!

Did anyone go to those concerts? They should have more gigs during the Spring semester so if you can, you should definitely go! Tickets are really cheap or free and it’s worth it. I know I’ll be there! 


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