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The Days Before the Holidays

Deadlines meant one thing: holidays! I’m back home in France for one month with no uni work to do whatsoever. I knew I would be sad to leave UEA and my friends but it feels so good to be home and relax after working so hard at uni. I’ve been home for a week now but I’m excited to go back to UEA and miss it a lot. It feels weird to live with my parents again, away from friends, having to cook and to eat without them…

My deadlines were on last Thursday, and my plane was on the Sunday, which meant that I had a few days off to relax and pack. I felt so weird because since I’ve arrived at UEA, I’ve been so busy every day. For the first time, I had absolutely nothing to do, no work, no stress, no lectures… I found myself sitting on my bed thinking “What do I do?” haha. 

We had our original Christmas meal (chips and pancakes yay!) and Secret Santa! For the occasion, I made a Christmas tree using highlighters. I bet you’re all jealous!

Our Christmas tree.

Our Christmas tree.

The presents I gave were mostly jokes (like matching mankinis for the guys…), but I got cool ones: a chocolate guitar and a really nice frame! Thank you Daisy! It was my first Secret Santa, we don’t really do that in France, but I like it. I hope we’ll do it again.



The next days pretty much consisted in me trying all of Norwich restaurants haha. See you in How to Spend Your Last Days at UEA, Part 2

Au revoir! Ciao!



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