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Three Restaurants in Two Days? Check!

As I said in my previous post, my last days at UEA before the Christmas break were really cool since I had nothing to do! Those days pretty much consisted in me trying all of Norwich restaurants!

I started with Wagamama! We don’t have it in France, and it sucks. The food I had was sooooo goooood! The first thing I’ll do when I go back to UEA is to eat there! The prices are really decent, so it’s a good place to go once in a while as a student. They have  a few vegetarian options, that’s awesome! I went to quite a few restaurant in Norwich and London and I never had any issue finding veggie food, while I’d struggle in France and end up with chips or Margherita pizza. I challenged myself to eat the entire meal with chopsticks and you know what? I made it. Yes I did. I’m so proud. 

Essays killed my brain.

Essays killed my brain. I have nothing else to say for my defence.

The very last day was even better since my friends were done with their exams (I didn’t have any, mwahaha!), but it also meant I had to say bye to some of them. Shadi, Erica and me took Rachel to the train station, said bye and headed off to the restaurant! We headed to Frankie and Bennys in the city centre for the first time! It was pretty cool, once I got the right meal. I ordered a veggie Calzone but they brought me one full of chicken… Fortunately they replaced it quickly and they didn’t make me pay for my meal! Anyway, it was good and once again, the price is decent!


And then…. THE BEST PLACE IN NORWICH! *drums roll* The Patisserie Valerie! You need to check them out, it’s incredible. They make the best cakes in the world! And they even use French names for cakes, it’s fun to try to say them with an English accent and fail miserably. It’s quite expensive but honestly, it’s worth it, at least once in your life. The slices they give are massive by the way. 


I recommend their Mixed Berry Mousse, we call it Fraisier in French. The fruit mille-feuille was also great! Everything seemed amazing there anyway.

A table full of awesomeness (and fat and sugar).

A table full of awesomeness (and fat and sugar).

I hope I made you hungry now! All of these places are really cool, so you should check them out!


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