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Back to France for Christmas

I’m back in Fraaaaannnnce! 🙂 I didn’t really know what to expect after spending three months in England far from my family. It’s silly but when I arrived at Nice Airport (France), the man who checked my passport said “Bonsoir” and I was so surprised to hear someone speak French haha. My parents, brother and grandmother were all waiting for me! It was a good surprise, and I was so happy to see them — especially my brother. 

My brother and me at the airport.

My brother and me at the airport.

Apart from all the people speaking French and me almost replying in English sometimes, it felt weird to go back to my Euro money. I was so puzzled one of the first days because they made new 10€ notes and I was like “Was it really like that before? Did I forget about things?” haha. I guess it happens to all the international students — except there’s barely any difference between France and England. Also going back to France made me realise how much England loves Christmas jumpers 😛 . Instead, they make awful shiny clothes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve over here. 

Nice Christmas market: attractions for children.

Christmas market in Nice: attractions for children.

And it’s so much warmer in my town than in Norwich, it’s incredible. I was freezing at UEA and only went out with my coat, a massive scarf, two pairs on gloves… As usual, I went to Nice and Antibes (those cities attract lots of tourists) to see the Christmas markets. I feel lucky to live in such a nice (and sunny) area, and the sea is so relaxing!

The sea (Nice).

The sea (Nice).


Me and the sea (Antibes).

And the best thing about the South of France is that we’re really close to the mountains too! I had a day there for the first time in many many years with my family 🙂 . It looked beautiful with the snow! I kinda missed those places — is there anything you missed from home too?

Isola 2000!

Isola 2000!

I was worried about not feeling at home anymore but it feels like I never left. Me and my family still have the same habits, our flat didn’t change at all, I still go to the same places and do the same things everyday. I’m trying to make the most of my time but the holidays will be over soon! I wonder if everybody feels the way I do? Do you feel like something changed at home or is everything like before uni?


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    2 January, 2015

    Great ! 🙂


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