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My University Food Is Finally Edible

If you remember, I explained in one of my very first blog entries “Cooking tips from Chef Anne-Sophie” how much I hated cooking and how bad I was at it. In my previous post, I named five things that changed thanks to university, and cooking was one of those things. I used to say “Put [the eggs] in a frying pan, wait until it looks edible“, but now I’m proud to say that I’m different person: my meals are decent, edible, look nice(ish) and I didn’t burn the kitchen (but I burnt my hands a lot) ! 

It’s not incredible but I actually enjoy cooking now. It’s mostly due to my friends: since we share the kitchens at UEA, cooking means spending time with your flatmates. Here’s one of my favourite recipes, it’s really simple and it’s inspired by the mediterranean meal we call “Couscous”. I’m vegetarian but lamb is usually used for couscous. I improvised it, but it sounds cooler to say I invented it, right?


Improvised mediterranean couscous.

This is a recipe for two people, but you can easily figure out how to make it for more people. All you need is couscous, 2 courgettes, 1 red pepper (the colour doesn’t matter), cherry tomatoes (not necessary) and black olives. I just wash and slice the courgettes, pepper, cherry tomatoes and fry them for a while, with a bit of oil. Meanwhile, I cook the couscous for about 5 or 10 minutes: when everything is cooking, I mix everything together and it’s ready! Once, I also added noodles (with the couscous) and it was great 🙂

 My other favourite recipe is Italian-style stuffed aubergines! Basically, the aubergine shells are emptied and then filled with the aubergine flesh, onion, garlic, black/green olives, cherry tomatoes, breadcrumbs and finally grated cheese! The website says to use mozzarella but I’ve always done it with cheddar as it’s cheaper, and I never use basil leaves or  olive oil. It’s amazing and, once again, really easy: I make it at least once a week now.


Italian-style stuffed aubergines.

And of course, my famous pancakes! My father often made crepes and pancakes so one day I decided to make some for all my flatmates. Now it’s become a tradition! Many different recipes exist, the one I use for 7 people is as follows:

17 oz of flour,
6 eggs,
60cl of milk,
1 small pack of yeast.

I’ve tried without yeast several times and it worked perfectly so I’m not sure you need it. You can use self-raising flour too, just in case


More recipes and pictures will come soon! I got cookbooks for Christmas so I’ll be able to experiment more and finally eat new things, haha! 

Did you find cooking at university challenging? Is there any meal that you recommend? 🙂


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