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A Hardcore Start With Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’

The holidays aren’t over yet, and I’m already on hardcore-mode. On Saturday evening, my new Reading Text tutor emailed everybody: we have to get and read Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” by Tuesday, knowing that we don’t have time to order the book. Fortunately, I have a Kindle and started reading it as early as I could. 

I wanted to read some Toni Morrison for a while and the novel seems interesting (I haven’t finished it yet), so it’s not all bad. The story, inspired by real facts, takes place after the American Civil War and focuses on a former slave and her daughter. Apparently, there’s a movie so it might be worth watching it — I’m pretty sure I will.


Lectures start tomorrow, I guess I’ll have a lot more work really soon: we’ll read about a novel per week in Literature in History, and there’ll be more in my other modules. Moreover, instead of having two essays per module (worth 50% each), we may only have one at the end of the semester which means a lot more stress. I’m still excited to start the semester and to discover more amazing books with awesome teachers!

Good luck everybody! 


7 comments on “A Hardcore Start With Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’

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  2. bearmansglee
    13 January, 2015

    I can assure you it’s not just the stress. When I first read it, the time lapses and changes of the point of view totally confused me 😀 like oats said, talking about it will make you understand the book much better.


  3. Proclaimed Oat
    12 January, 2015

    Ha, what a coincidence! We have been reading Beloved in our course last year and we are currently going through it again 🙂 I’ve only started liking the characters after I thought about the book for a while… How do you like it so far?


    • megalomania29
      12 January, 2015

      To be honest I’m rushing in order to finish it as soon as possible so I don’t take the time to read it properly and like it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it hard to follow and understand. It might just be the stress though. What about you, what did you think about it?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Proclaimed Oat
        13 January, 2015

        It’s very confusing because of the supernatural elements, I needed to accept that first. I thought it was one of the better books I have read for uni till now 🙂


      • megalomania29
        13 January, 2015

        This is exactly what bothers me, I didn’t think there would be any supernatural elements so I thought that “the ghost” was merely a metaphor.


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