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I Found a House!

I have very good news: I found a house for next year! Me and my friends really wanted to find a house through Homerun — the housing agency run by the university — as early as possible. The list of houses was released on Friday morning and that day was so stressful. I got stressed when I realised that everybody was rushing and asking landlords for viewings. 

I rang a few people and got appointments for that day. The first house we visited was decent but small and disappointing. I didn’t want to miss a decent house, but we needed to visit more places. The landlord was nice and understanding, so she said she’d keep the house for us until that evening.

Eventually, we visited the second house and I adored it instantly! It was much bigger and nicer. As soon as we got out of the house, I rang the owner, saying that we really wanted the house (even though one of my friends couldn’t come to see it 😛 ) and she said okay! 

I’ll be sharing that house in a quiet neighbourhood, which is close to UEA, with two of my friends. Bonus: my boyfriend found a house only five minutes away from mine! The  only issue is that it’s a 12 month licence that starts in July. Although it was a really stressful day, it was definitely worth it.  I’m so relieved now!


The highlight of the house: WASHING MACHINE (and a nice kitchen).

In the blog entry I published about Homerun in december, I talked about some issues I might encounter regarding housing. It turns out this landlord doesn’t require me to have a UK guarantor nor parents signatures, making everything much easier for me. The rent is also going to be much cheaper than the UEA accommodation, so that’s a good point, although I will miss the village so much and must arrange everything for the bills and internet by myself. 

A living room with a tv :-O

A living room with a tv :-O

Funny story: we nearly missed that house! I had a look at its advert on Homerun but disregarded it and refused to give them a call because one of the rooms LOOKED ridiculously tiny. It turns out the room is decent, and the photograph didn’t do it justice. So, to all the people who are still looking for a house: visit as many houses as possible even though the advert doesn’t sound perfect. There’s no perfect house and you can have nice (and bad) surprises.


8 comments on “I Found a House!

  1. Ravenclaw Book Club
    31 July, 2016

    I’m terrified of finding my own place in second year. It’s so far in the future, but I keep thinking I’ll find no one to share with or will just not find a house at all. 😂
    Can I ask why a 12-month licence that starts in July is a problem? x


    • Anne-Sophie
      31 July, 2016

      I know it’s quite stressful, especially since you need to think about it before the Christmas break. But don’t worry, lots of people find houses a bit late and if you don’t know who to live with, there are housing socials and lots of adverts on Facebook groups. You can even find a last minute room in September! The safest choice is usually to live with some of your flatmates from first year if you get on well with them from the start.
      I thought that the licence starting in July was a problem because that means that when you graduate (in mid-July) you’ve already left your house. For someone like us who doesn’t live full time in England, it means you need to find a hotel or something. But obviously, it depends on so many things and there are advantages to having a house from July!

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      • Ravenclaw Book Club
        31 July, 2016

        Ah, okay! But if you decide to stay another year, it’s good that it’s a 12-month licence, right? That way you don’t have to pack up everything and move AGAIN next year.
        That’s something I’ve been thinking about. I hate that I’ll have to bring everything back to Spain with me after each year, so I would love to just find a place I can live in for more than a year and all year round.


      • Anne-Sophie
        31 July, 2016

        Yeah you’re right! So it’s not all bad after all. Either way, it’ll be a 12 month contract… And there are some VERY nice student houses. There are two options: if you make a really good friend who’s nice, he/she could take some of your stuff to their house (that’s what my housemate does for me and I’m so grateful), or you could rent a storage space! Not cheap but much more convenient for you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ravenclaw Book Club
        31 July, 2016

        Yeah, I know storage is a bit expensive, so I don’t know, I’ll see what I can do when the time comes. 🙈


  2. Anne-Sophie K
    11 January, 2016

    Reblogged this on Anne-Sophie at UEA and commented:

    I think it’ll be useful for all the first year students currently looking for a house! And remember: choose your housemates wisely!


  3. student nurse adventures
    20 January, 2015

    Great news! Friends and I are looking for one too! Hopefully we find one soon.


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