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Steven Wilson and Placebo (at the LCR!)

Last week I went to see Steven Wilson (and his band) in Cambridge and Placebo at the LCR: both shows were fantastic! 😀

Steven Wilson is not super popular, probably because his music is a mix of prog rock with jazz and metal influences and many of their songs last for 10 minutes (or more). Guthrie Govan, an amazing virtuoso guitarist, is also part of the current line-up – his skills nearly make me cry every time I hear him play. I’d already seen the band twice in France during their last tour, in 2013, and believe me, they’re brilliant! They’re definitely the best band I’ve seen! Their latest album, Hand.Cannot.Erase. is also fantastic. Perfect songs, perfect discography, perfect band… What could be better?

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The “fun” story is that we were supposed to get a Megabus coach at 11.30am from UEA, but it never came. In the end we had to go to the station, got a train and arrived in Cambridge later in the afternoon. At least, we still had time to visit the (awesome) Centre for Computing History and go to the show! (I’ll talk more about the museum in my next entry!)

On Sunday evening Placebo came to the LCR, to play awesome sold-out gig! I’ve been listening to them for a few years now and had never seen them live, so I was super excited about them coming to play at UEA. It was worth coming to study in Norwich just for this moment! Joke aside, they were awesome. I knew that their performances were great, but I was still surprised at how much energy they have and how enthusiastic they are, even after touring for nearly two years now!

Placebo LCR 15032015

Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed the show and managed to be at the front row near the singer, Brian Molko! 😀 It’s silly but it always feels weird the first time I see a band, to be able to see all the details on their face and know that THEY’RE ALIVE! THEY EXIST! I have to admit I didn’t like their latest album, Loud Like Love, that much, but yesterday it was fun, and they played many older songs — some of which are my absolute Placebo favourite, like Space Monkey and Infra-Red (from what I consider to be their best album, Meds). 

Placebo LCR 1503201534

The first act, The Mirror Trap, was surprisingly good (I had traumatic experiences with first acts in the past), though I always find it hard to judge a band from a live performance since the sound isn’t clear. Still, they were cool!


Now the annoying thing is that my ears are still ringing a lot nearly 24 hours after the concert, which worries me a bit. I’ll see how things are tomorrow.

I feel proud to sacrifice my ears to see good bands play live! Yay! It’s cool to be deaf and unable to hear your friends or lecturers! When I’m old, I’ll proudly tell my grandchildren how I lost my hearing because I used to be so Rock n’ Roll!


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