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Three years of my life as an EU student of English Literature at the University of East Anglia,England.

Trip Back to France: An Adventure Full of Surprises!

I’m back home! It felt quite weird during the Christmas holidays, but now it feels even more strange since I feel really at home and comfortable at UEA. What I miss the most is all the time spent in the kitchen cooking and chatting with my flatmates. But I’ll be back in England before I know it! 

I travelled all day last Sunday — it was a long day. I spent five hours on the coach (it felt like ages, I was so bored) and then me and my boyfriend waited at the airport for a few hours. The cool thing is that while waiting, we went for dinner at Wagamama (again!)! I got “Yasai yaki soba”, as usual: it’s a mix of yummy fried noodles, peppers, spring onions, mushrooms, shallots and ginger!



And then on the plane… SURPRISE! I got awesome food again! Their vegetarian option was a tasty “Oriental style noodle salad”! I was happy 😀 It was also the first time I had coke since the Christmas break, so I had to take a photograph to capture this moment of food-related joy!



Noodle salad.

Noodle salad.

And then when we finally arrived at Nice airport, I was relieved to see that my electric guitar was ALIVE! I mean, it had arrived safely without being smashed or lost. I had to take another photograph to celebrate my second moment of joy of the day.


Now I’m back in the land of baguettes, croissants and wine — which leads me to the next picture… I’d missed baguettes so much! Some people keep asking me what I miss from France, and honestly, I miss baguettes! It’s also funny because that’s not the kind of answer they expect at all, and you can see it on their face. 

Let's celebrate the reunion of me and baguettes!

Let’s celebrate the reunion of me and baguettes!

I have a little more time to play music and relax in France (I’m planning to released new Youtube videos soon), but I also have to work on my essays, because I have four deadlines at the end of the semester… I’ve tried to work a bit today but find it hard to concentrate. At some point I was like “I could just go to the library!” and then realised I wasn’t at UEA 😛 . 

How does it feel for you to be back home? Do you think anything has changed?


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