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Three years of my life as an EU student of English Literature at the University of East Anglia,England.

The Things I’ve Missed the Most While at Uni

Even though I adapted really quickly to life at UEA and have always felt super comfortable there, I’ve started noticing things I miss more and more while I’m at uni:

– French bread. I’m not just talking about baguette: you can get amazing loaves of bread with nuts, raisin or cereal inside…I’m getting so sick of cheap Aldi bread.



– Having my mother doing the laundry, drying and ironing for me. Let’s be honest, we all miss this.

– Not having to go food shopping every week and to carry several heavy bags.

– Having a decent sized fridge… 

– Not having to cook every day.


I enjoyed cooking this for my parents though!

– Having as much chocolate and biscuits as I want! I’m greedy…

Chocolate, caramel and toffee... a dream!

Chocolate, caramel and toffee… a DREAM!

– Having time to relax, for music and playing guitar with amp!

Rocking out! \m/

Rocking out! \m/

– This FANTASTIC collection of instruments and guitar equipment… 


My babies…

The sun! I’ve been walking near the sea a lot during the Easter break.

Beach in Antibes.

Beach in Antibes.


– And of course…. My little brother! 😀


What do you miss the most? 


5 comments on “The Things I’ve Missed the Most While at Uni

  1. Sara
    2 April, 2015

    I went to live in Australia for two year by myself and I really missed home-cooking and having my own kitchen and bathroom – dorm life was hard work sometimes 🙂


    • megalomania29
      2 April, 2015

      Oh yeah, two years is a long time… Must have been a great experience though!


  2. student nurse adventures
    1 April, 2015

    Wow! Great Post! I had no idea you play the guitar! *o*


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