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Three years of my life as an EU student of English Literature at the University of East Anglia,England.

2nd Year Modules

This article is a bit late but I wanted to talk about Module Enrolment for my second year. One of the things I like most about studying English Literature is that you’re really free when it comes to choosing modules or even writing essays. You get to choose two modules out of six in your first year but there isn’t much variety. However, in second and third years, you’re free to choose from a very wide range of modules which allows you to shape your degree and study what you’re genuinely interested in. 

There are three categories: the first one offers a few conventional or classical modules such as Modernism, Shakespeare or Romanticism. The modules from the second category are about writing and being a writer: they do modules on publishing, journalism, short stories etc. There are dozens are options for the third category. You can pick LDC (literature) options or modules on history, art, translation, drama or even politics! The only annoying thing is that you have to take two pre-1789 modules in your second year.

Choosing my modules was quite easy for me. I know what I’m not interested in and what might be too hard or challenging (old stuff, theatre…), so I picked: Shakespeare. 18th Century Writings, Modernism, The Short Story, European Literature and Reading and Writing Translations.


You can see all the modules here.

I’m a bit worried about the pre-1789 modules — I hope they won’t be too hard for me. As a French native-speaker, I find reading old texts really tough although my English is good. On top of that, I’ll have a lot more reading to do next year. On the other hand, I’m very excited for Reading and Writing Translations! It’s exciting! 🙂 


What modules are you going to do next year? Is there anything you’re really interested in?


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