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Cambridge Part 2: Fitzwilliam Museum

I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge thinking it would be quite small, but it was huge and I spent over two hours there! 

Very nice entrance, it reminds me of the British Museum.

Very nice entrance, it reminds me of the British Museum.



They have lots of statues and objects from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Egypt and even a few other countries. It was very interesting!



I found these hilarious!



When Ancient Egypt was overtaken by muslims, they started painting the dead person’s face on their sarcophagus. People were therefore represented with more simplicity. I found it slightly scary but also interesting to see how they gradually moved on from traditional funeral customs. 


But that’s not all they had! I was surprised when I got into a room full of Still Lifes! I love that kind of paintings since I’ve studied it in college.



They even had very old pieces of furniture, armchairs, chairs and also one or two pianos/harpsichord. I’d love to play on them if they still work and see what music sounded like a few centuries ago.


They have an awesome collection of medieval armour, swords and old rifles. 



But to me the best part was the exhibition they had about the Renaissance and the art and objects of the Enlightenment! Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures there. If you love Renaissance art, you need to see this exhibition. The paintings were wonderful! They had many objects such as amazing jewelry boxes that reflected and showed the importance of wealth and possessions at the time. The paintings they picked also reflected it.

I had a really great day in Cambridge and can’t wait to go visit the city again and hopefully discover new places!  🙂


GBK: the best way to finish the day!

GBK: the best way to finish the day!

You can read  ‘Cambridge Part 1: Museum of Anthropology and Archaeologyhere.


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  3. loving the last picture! 😀 😛


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