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Big Weekend 2015: Day 1 Review

The Big Weekend was amazing. I’d been waiting for it for weeks and now it’s already over. I realise how lucky me and my boyfriend were to get tickets… It was one of the coolest days of my life and I had so much fun!


I was super happy to finally be there! Going to a festival is an awesome way to celebrate the end of my first year of university.

The first band I went to see was The Hearts on the BBC Introducing stage, in a tent. They were pretty cool! My boyfriend kept saying they sound a lot like tribute band to The Killers. He’s right, they sounded quite similar, although their songs weren’t as catchy.

Photo2174the hearts aka the killers tribute

The Hearts

We listened to a few songs and then headed to the main stage around 1:30 or 2.


The atmosphere was really cool and laid back all day. Lots of people stayed at the front of the main stage all day but most people left between different bands and others just sat on the grass and enjoyed the music. We got really lucky since it was sunny all day.


Pretty nice and sunny weather!

The Vaccines had just started playing when we got there. I’d heard of them before but never actually listened to their music. It was pretty good, but not exceptional in my opinion.


The Vaccines

Then we saw Charli XCX. I had no idea who they were but I really enjoyed their music although it’s not the kind of stuff I’d normally listen to. Their music was what I’d call mainstream pop but it was fun and some of the songs were quite dancey. 


Everything is so much more enjoyable live, it’s a completely different experience. Everybody was happy and having fun, families and friends are gathered, they sing, jump, dance… 


The next artist on the main stage was Ben Howard: I was stunned! His music was so different from the other artists who were there that day, and much more quiet and slow. His songs were not very lively and were (or at least felt) very long so I’d understand if you hated him… But I love that kind of music and it reminded me of the icelandic band Sigur Ros (if you don’t know them, you need to check them out). It was nice and relaxing… I’d like to try to listen to some of his albums and see if they’re as good as his live performance.


Ben Howard

The next artist was… David Guetta! I’m not into DJ, club or electro music at all although I do like electronic influences (especially if it’s more like New Wave) but I had sooooo much fun! I even ended up dancing and being a bit over-excited about him being there 😛 . 


David Guetta

Me and my boyfriend have this running joke that because he’s French, he’s my friend or something. So yeah, I spent my time saying silly things and laughing about the fact that his real name is Pierre David (it sounds very posh and old-fashioned), but I had fun and his remixes were cool. He has a strange obsession with people putting their hands up in the air though.

He seems like a very nice guy, he’s always laughing and smiling… Even in the interviews I’ve seen before, he always has a massive smile on his face that makes everybody happy!


David Guetta


As the evening got closer, I was getting very impatient and excited about Muse. I always also very intrigued about Florence + The Machine! I heard really cool stuff about her. 

Amazing view of Earlham Park from Twitter.

Amazing view of Earlham Park from Twitter.

She was nothing like I expected. I thought they made rock and were quite heavy, but her music is really calm. It was alright, and Florence seems very nice. She kept talking between songs, telling stories (of how she broke her foot), talking about her brother who goes to UEA and even interacted with someone in the crowd. 


Florence + The Machine

And then it was finally time for Muse to come on stage! I’ve seen Muse four times before and didn’t expect too much from the show as I found their latest albums and new singles average. They played their four new singles and some of their biggest hits (that I love), like Plug In Baby, Hysteria, Time is Running Out, Knights of Cydonia… They also played an old one that I adore, Bliss.



No matter what, Muse still means a lot to me because I pretty much grew up listening to Muse for the past 7 years. The first gig I ever went to was Muse in 2009. The first time I went to England was to see them at Reading Festival in 2011. I learnt how to play guitar “with them” and used to be able to play so many of their songs. Muse is how, six years ago, I kept talking to a bassist who soon became a great friend of mine and later, my boyfriend. Together, we spent hours on Saturday afternoons rehearsing their songs in my room and pissing my neighbours and family off… 


Matthew Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme

They only played for an hour but I had a lot of fun and was very happy to see them again! They’re very great live and full of energy! All the crowd was jumping and singing along to their most famous songs.


Chris Wolstenholme playing harmonica before Knights of Cydonia. This picture is for my mother who loves Chris (don’t know why). 

I had such an amazing day and will never forget about it! I’m so happy that the Big Weekend came to Norwich this year, five minutes from where I live! I also feel so lucky that we managed to get tickets for the Saturday. All the performances were filmed by the BBC and are available to watch online or on Youtube.

Now my first year of university is, sadly, very nearly over, but I had the most amazing and exciting year of my life. It couldn’t end in a better way! 😀

Thank you to whoever decided to make this happen in Earlham Park this year.


One last thing: I was shocked at the amount of people who brought their kids to the festival. Most of them were way too young to care about the gigs or to enjoy anything. Some just spent their time moaning, crying, lying on the grass or annoying their parents.

The most compelling thing was that I only saw ONE child who was wearing protection for ears (it was like big headphones). One. I saw tons of other kids who didn’t even have cheap and shitty earplugs. I didn’t even see any adults wearing earplugs (apart from me and my boyfriend) which I think is a bit stupid. If you want to ruin your ears and your kids’, then fine, keep doing that.

I bought these earplugs after my Placebo concert in March because my ears buzzed for several days after the gig. It was horrible. I got them on Amazon for only £10. They’re amazing! The music was slightly quieter and much clearer! I could actually hear what was played and sung, without any pain or a big buzz in my ears. You can wash and reuse them as many times are you want. 



3 comments on “Big Weekend 2015: Day 1 Review

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  2. Fred
    25 May, 2015

    Avec un air de Reading, magnifique Parc, superbes prestations : belle écriture qui motive à l’invitation ! Les photos sont géniales. Belle fin de 1ère année My English Studiant 😍 (jolies photos a 2).


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