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The Plantation Garden

Last Saturday I woke up and decided I couldn’t stay in my room all day and needed to go out. I didn’t really know what to do so I had a look on Tripadvisor and found out about the Plantation Garden in Norwich! I thought it’d be really nice and cool so I went…

It’s near the city centre, right next to the Catholic Cathedral. Entry is £2 but apparently you don’t have to pay.


As they say, it’s “a beautiful secret garden in the heart of Norwich”. It felt like being far away from the city… I also loved the Mexican/Thai vibe of the garden.

It’s so peaceful there… You can hear birds, no cars, nothing… It just smells like trees and grass.



I had fun taking tons of photographs of flowers too. 🙂


I love this picture! 


They had a couple of palm trees, they reminded me of home so much because there are tons of those in Nice and other Southern towns.



Almost creepy!

The Plantation Garden was a very nice discovery, I’d love to go there again to relax. It’s the perfect place to visit when the weather is nice!





3 comments on “The Plantation Garden

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  3. Looks lovely! I wanna go there!


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