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Trip to Sheringham and the Priory Maze and Gardens

All year long, I was told that the sea wasn’t far from Norwich at all and that you could easily get there by bus or train. Although I really wanted to go, I never really took the time to think about it and plan it. Realising that it was already the end of my first year of university, me and my boyfriend finally decided to go. I wanted to make the most of my last days at UEA. 



That part of the town looks so cute!

I come from the South of France near Nice and Cannes, so many people found it funny when I said I wanted to go to the beach in England. Of course, it’s very different, but that’s why I like it. I’m not a big fan of Nice beach. I’m used to it, it’s full of tourists over the summer, it’s too hot and busy, it’s right next to a very busy road, it smells like cars and not like the sea… England is completely different and has its own charm.


Lovely view.

I first thought about Cromer or Great Yarmouth, but a friend of mine told me Sheringham was much nicer. We headed there by train. It’s probably not the cheapest option (we paid £11 each for a return ticket) and isn’t much faster than taking a bus there but it doesn’t really matter.


The Tardis in Sheringham!

It may sound silly but I felt happy to see the sea while being in England. I hadn’t seen it since my last holidays in France over Easter. It felt like being back home for a second in a way. It looks super nice and peaceful there. The town itself seemed quite small and nice. 

We got super lucky: the weather was so nice and warm on that day! 


IMG_5431 - Copy

And then we got caught by the tide, which I did not expect at all! But at least I’d got an ice cream so I was happy 😛 (sorry about my ugly face). 


Enjoying my ice cream.

It was lovely and relaxing. I’m really glad I went and I think I’ll  go again in autumn, I love the sea at the time of year. 

We also looked for other stuff to do in Sheringham and heard about the Priory Maze and Gardens not far from the beach and the rail station. Once again, it was so nice and peaceful! Like when I visited the Plantation Garden in Norwich the other day, it was as if we were far away from the town and from everything for a few hours. 

Near the entrance.

Near the entrance.

It’s much bigger and nicer than Norwich Plantation Garden to be honest, but we paid £5 each for the entry! That’s the price to pay I guess. I had fun taking many pictures of flowers…



I was super excited about the maze because I’d watched the fourth Harry Potter film a couple of weeks before. It was tricky, but we made it (after getting completely lost and turning around a few times).


I loved the atmosphere in there too, whenever you ended up in dead ends, they’d have cool (or creepy) statues, such as the following one…


So yeah, that was a super nice day and I’d love to go there again. It’s great to do something a bit different and relax after all the stress of the essays and work in general. It’s also nice to get away from Norwich a bit, explore more and “travel”. I really need to properly travel around the UK though, Sheringham is only an hour away from Norwich 😛 .



3 comments on “Trip to Sheringham and the Priory Maze and Gardens

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  2. Fred
    8 June, 2015

    Nice trip, beautiful garden and place … juste one thing : the sea smells the sea early in the morning even here.😉
    I love the Tardifs .


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