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The End: Farewell Pine House

Goodbye Pine House, goodbye the village, goodbye my first year…

Pine House

It all started on the 17th of September 2014, when I left home very early in the morning. I kissed my brother goodbye and my parents drove me to the airport. That’s when my UEA adventure started. I was stressed and was going to travel alone but, most importantly, I was excited for this journey! A new life was awaiting me.

The day I left France.

The day I left! 




I didn’t know what to expect at all and was mostly worried about getting on well with my flatmates. I got way more than I’d hoped for. This year has been the most amazing year of my life so far. I found awesome friends and every single day, they made me smile and laugh so much that I got stomach cramps. They quickly became my English family. Just thinking about it, I’ve got this huge smile on my face. My flat was simply incredible. 

10717728_723776047676471_19591842_n IMG_4312

How we all become so close, I don’t even know. I was so glad to finally meet them when they all moved in, a couples of days after I did. I’ll never forget how I met most of them. Yang said his name was You-Yang but I could call him Yang. Rachel said we’d share washing liquid. Faye said that, like me, she was studying English Literature. Shadi asked whether I prefered her sister and hugged me. Daisy said she was also vegetarian. Olivia said we’d have to do a fried egg contest, that she couldn’t stand One Direction and would protect me with her taekwondo skills. I remember that evening, when we all went to the Blue Bar and asked tons of questions to know each other. 

Photo flat3 11158191_956944537671039_297364785_n

By the end of October and November, it already felt like I’d known all of them since childhood. We soon became the “sticky notes” flat, with tons of weird and inappropriate jokes that I can’t even mention here all around the flat. We somehow became obsessed with Nicki Minaj, a weird sponge with an afro and Henry Hoovers — the flat mascot.



I’ll never ever forget that time we once spent 7 hours in the kitchen, talking about nothing and everything, nor our awesome dinner times with deep (or silly) conversations, our Disney nights when me and Shadi sang all the songs we remembered, the horror movies, Derren Brown shows, Monty Python, never-ending adverts on Channel 4, my notebook with some hilarious or weird things we’ve all said, Olivia’s drawings, birthday meals, pizza evenings, pancake days, our picnic on the last weekend… And everything else.

Pic13feb2015 (2)


As you’ve probably understood, I am very very very sad to leave Pine House and all the amazing memories attached to it. I’ll be back in three months and I’ve still got two more years at UEA, but we won’t all be living together next year. And I’ll never come back to this flat or to my room again.



Shadi Olivia and me Webcam (19) IMG_5564

Today was my last day here, I’m going back home tomorrow. I’m glad I took so many pictures of my room before packing up and removing all my photographs and posters because I already miss it.

IMG_5489 IMG_5493

Most of my flatmates have gone home now and I’m ready to go too, everything is packed and the flat is very empty. I’m glad I don’t have to carry all this back to France with me 😛 . 

Photo2369 Photo2375 

It is the end, but I’m sure the next years (in my new house) will also be awesome and full of fun! I had a fantastic year, so thank you to all the people who made it great. I can’t wait to come back! 😀



2 comments on “The End: Farewell Pine House

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  2. Fred
    10 June, 2015

    Et oui, fin temporaire de cette grande histoire, première année de cette nouvelle grande aventure. Tu as eu la chance d’avoir de bons amis et vous avez partagé plein de supers moments tôt au long de cette année. Vous allez vous revoir dès la rentrée et continuerez à vous voir pour des folles soirées de rigolade. Maintenant, vous avez tous droit à une période de repos méritée. BONNES VACANCES 😍✈🎼 Welcome home 🎁


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