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French Summer

Hi everyone! I’m still alive and have been back home for a week now. 

It feels weird and I still miss UEA a lot. I’ve had weird dreams about it, where I came back to my flat after the summer but new students came in to take my room 😛 . I also miss the English weather because the heat is unbearable over here — usually 30°C in the day. 

Memories of UEA...

Memories of UEA…

All my family came to pick me up at the airport! It was a great surprise after a very very long day. I got up quite early to finish packing after sleeping for only a couple of hours, got the coach, stopped in Cambridge, got a second coach and then waited for hours at the airport. I was particularly happy to see my little brother (who’s nearly as big and tall as me now…). I missed him a lot and promised we’d do a lot together during the holidays. 

1ef00993-e144-456f-aeb4-eefb11a641fe IMG_3063

My mother had prepared an awesome surprise: a Rainbow Cake! It was sooooo yummy! I’d sent her a link with pictures of incredible looking cakes — more as a joke than anything else — but she tried it out. You should definitely look it up online. It may seem sickly and too filling but it really isn’t. My mother only used colouring so it just tastes normal. 


I’m happy to be reunited with all my babies (my instruments)! 😀 I brought one of my guitars with me to university but didn’t get the chance to play much (too much work). However, I left my melodica and flute at home because they’re just too loud and I felt like it would annoy everybody since I’m a beginner. 

2015-06-16-649 2015-06-16-648

I was hoping to find a summer job in a restaurant or something but didn’t get any calls so I think I’ll just relax as much as possible, go cycle in the park regularly and work on music more. 

I don’t really mention it here, but I’ve had a Youtube channel with guitar videos for at least 5 or 6 years. Two summers ago, me and my boyfriend started a new channel: we cover and rearrange video game music (the channel is called Haawke by the way). Anyway, I’m not saying this to advertise our channel!


Last summer, we were part of a video game album (“Multiplayer“) with tons of other Youtubers and all the money went towards Child’s Play charity. A few months ago, we did “Operation 1-UP”, another charity album for a young man who needed money for a kidney transplant. And this summer, we’ll be part of “Multiplayer 2: Co-op”. All the money will go to charity again and, this time, the idea is to work with other people. We’ve picked a song from a Zelda game and will have two girls playing flute, sax, violin and perhaps singing. I’m excited about it!

Although I’ll be home for three months and might not have much UEA related things to talk about, I got many articles planned for my blog! I didn’t find the time to talk about the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre or the Norwich Museum. I’d also like to make a series of article throughout the summer about moving to the UK, going to university and how to get ready for it! I hope this will be useful. 

I hope you all have a great summer! See you soon 🙂 


River Yare in Norwich.


3 comments on “French Summer

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  2. student nurse adventures
    21 June, 2015

    Aww your mom is awesome!


  3. Fred
    17 June, 2015

    Vacances … vacances … rime avec repos 😍 et plein de bons gâteaux ! 🎂 Tu auras encore plus de forces à la rentrée. ♥


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