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Volunteering for Banana Link


I am now a translator volunteer for Banana Link! 😀

I already mentioned them in my February article about Global Opportunities Week. Banana Link is a nonprofit co-operative based in Norwich: they work for fair banana and pineapple trades in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. They also try to help plantations workers who live and work in poor conditions.

I first heard about them on at UEA. I was talking to professionals involved in translation and asked if they were offering internships or jobs for students. They told me to go talk to Banana Link. There, I found out they were looking for translators who could either speak French or Spanish! 

It was the perfect opportunity for me to gain experience in translation for my CV and to help other people! 

The other day, I did a small translation test (from English to French) and they were very pleased with it. So from now on, I’ll be translating texts for them — mostly reports or articles — whenever they need me to! I’m very happy about it. There isn’t always much work, but that’s the kind of experience I was looking for. It’s also going to be very challenging for me because they sometimes use many technical terms I’ve never heard, even in my mother tongue.


They sent me their glossary of technical terms and I noticed that although they’ve managed to translate all the words from Spanish to English, very few words have been translated into French. I  therefore started translating the whole thing as well! It’s taking much longer than I thought but I love translation!

It’s make me quite nostalgic for the translation seminars at Nice University while I was studying there. I had three amazing teachers and I turned all the seminars into a competition with one of my friends! We both improved a lot thanks to it. 

You can visit Banana Link’s website to find out more about what they do at .


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  1. student nurse adventures
    30 June, 2015

    such a great opportunity!


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