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Top TV Series

You’re on holiday, you get this huge summer break, and you’re bored. Isn’t it ironic? I called this article “Top TV Series” but I could also refer to it as “How Not to Be Bored During the Summer Break”. So if you don’t know what to do (or want to remain mentally stable during the semester), here’s a short list of my four favourite series.

Breaking Bad


Who never heard of Breaking Bad? Don’t be ashamed, raised your hand. I keep talking about it to my friends, and they all say “Oh yeah, I guess I should watch it”. THEY HAVE TO. I discovered it last summer and loved it so much that I watched the five series twice in a row! You probably know the story: Walter White, a chemistry teacher, learns that he has cancer and that it’s inoperable. Since they have trouble making ends meet, he has this amazing idea: he’s going to cook meth with the help of Jesse Pinkman, one of his former students. It may sound boring, but it really isn’t. A lot keeps happening to them and new characters or storylines appear throughout the episodes. The final series is simply brilliant, and the last episode is breathtaking. Talking about it makes me want to watch it all again! What I like the most about Breaking Bad is that Walter White is everything but a typical dealer, and his development is very good. The other characters are very well written too, especially Skyler, his wife. The way we see things through Walter’s perspective made me hate Skyler and feel sympathy for Walter… at first!

Brooklyn 99


Brooklyn 99 is hilarious! There are only two series so far and each episodes lasts for 20 minutes so it’s easy to watch and very entertaining. If you just want to laugh, go for Brooklyn 99. The series follow a team of detectives and their (amazing) new Captain, a gay African-American who struggled to reach this high position. They’re all friends and the interaction between the characters only gets better! They’re all different and fill in different roles: Jake (Andy Samberg), the protagonist, is the funny one who’s always there to have fun and make the others laugh although he takes his job very seriously; Rosa is very cynical and remote; Amy is basically the teacher’s pet and does everything to impress the Captain; Charles is a bit silly sometimes but he’s lovely, etc. The first series is great, but the second one gets even better because all of the main characters are even more developed. The investigations and the crimes they solve are often fun too! I recommend Brooklyn 99 is you’re looking for something that’s easy to watch and will make you smile! The third series is supposed to come out soon! I also have to point out that the depiction of the gay Captain is very good, since it’s far from being stereotypical.

Arrested Development


Arrested Development is a bit like Brooklyn 99: it’s hilarious! However, I’d say it’s more wacky. It focuses on the formerly wealthy Bluth family and the financial issues they’re facing when the dad, the CEO of the Bluth Company, gets arrested for spending the company’s money. All the family members are amazing: Michael, on the sons, does everything to keep the family and company together, while his three other siblings are very silly. Buster is overprotective and still lives with his mother and Gob thinks he’s an impressive magician. Lindsay, Michael’s twin sister is married to Tobias, an “analrapist” (analyst-therapist) who’s very effeminate and doesn’t realise that he’s homosexual. He was my favourite character because of all his silly sexual innuendos. Like Brooklyn 99, each episode lasts 20 minutes. The first three seasons were awesome, but the fourth one was really disappointing because they made it 10 years later… It wasn’t really fun anyway.

Malcolm in the Middle


Malcolm in the Middle has always been part of my life. I remember watching it every time it was on TV with my father, and I still watch it. They put it on TV at least every year in France. Like the two previous series I mentioned, Malcolm in the Middle is hilarious. The series follows Malcolm, a genius, his three badly behaved brothers and their parents. All the boys are very silly and do everything to get their mothers as angry as possible. She, Lois, is kind of crazy sometimes, stubborn and very authoritative so the interaction between her and the sons is very funny. The father, on the other hand, doesn’t have much authority or control over the family and, although he knows most people fear his wife, he loves her to bits. Anyway, this series means a lot to me and never gets boring! Also, fun fact: the father Hal is Bryan Cranston, the protagonist of Breaking Bad! Crazy, huh? I didn’t recognise him at all at first. 

Now, have fun watching all this! 😛


5 comments on “Top TV Series

  1. student nurse adventures
    10 August, 2015

    I loved watching Malcom!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fred
    28 July, 2015

    Pas vrai …. famille de dégénérés ! Et je connais pas les autres 😉


  3. Fred
    28 July, 2015

    I don’t like Malcom …. oups 🎼


  4. Fred
    28 July, 2015

    Don’t l’ile Malcom …. but 😉


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