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And Another Summer Ends

When I left Norwich a few months ago, I thought the summer would last forever… Where has time gone? Another summer is already over!


It’s already September and I only have a week left at home. I got really used to being here with my family so I wonder if it’ll be hard being back to university without the “new” and the incredible excitement of Freshers, like last year. I’ve got my house sorted, my friends and my habits there but things are going to be very different from now on since my boyfriend is leaving UEA. When I moved to England last year, it was as if I was with my family… But now I’ll have to rely on myself even more which is kinda scary but I’ll manage. 

So I’ve tried to make the most out of my last weeks in France! I worked on more music projects and still need to record one last cover. Last week, I went with my boyfriend and his family to another water park I’d never been to: Aqualand! It was awesome! Especially the King Cobra slide… 😛

Amazing Photoshop skills.

Amazing Photoshop skills.

Rival teams!

Rival teams!

We also finally went to Adventure Golf (by Aquasplash and Marineland) with my boyfriend, his sister and my brother! It’s a really amazing minigolf because the design is so good, with huge dinosaurs and stuff like that! They have three eighteen-hole courses inspired by Jules Verne’s famous novels: The Mysterious Island, Five Weeks in a Balloon and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It gets pretty hard near the end!




I expected to come last as usual but it turns out my brother is actually worse than me haha.


I had a super nice day out in Nice too! I’ve never been a big fan of this city (I’m just so used to it) but this day out made me change my mind! I went to the old part of the town (Vieux Nice) and the buildings are so nice, cute and colourful! Probably nicer than the Vieil Antibes.

20150901_124049 20150901_141528


Typical products you'd find in tourist shops: soaps and things that smell nice (usually lavender) to put in wardrobes.

Typical southern products you find in tourist shops: soaps and things that smell nice (usually lavender) to put in wardrobes.

There are tons of shops and small restaurants which serve local specialty! My boyfriend discovered socca thanks to me: it’s like a thick crepe made of gram flour. All you need to add is salt and pepper, and you just eat it with your fingers. It’s sooo yummy! The sandwich on the photograph is actually called Pan-Bagnat (there’s salade niçoise inside).


Socca and Pan-Bagnat.

Although it was very hot, we climbed the Coline du Chateau (Castle Hill) which is veeeery high! There used to be a castle, now barely anything remains, but they made a very nice park there. It’s such a nice and quiet place. It feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere but you’re still in the city. The view is stunning.



World War 1 Memorial at the bottom of the hill.

And finally, I revisited Nice by going to the MAMAC (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art). I’m usually into classical and Renaissance pieces but this museum changed my mind! I have a lots of pictures and things to say about it so I’ll show everything in my next article! 🙂 




One comment on “And Another Summer Ends

  1. Fred
    4 September, 2015

    NICE is a wonderfull town to visite … Go on … I’ll show you more next time.

    Liked by 1 person

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