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Year 2: Moving Back to England

My second year has now really started: I’ve moved into my new house with two of my flatmates from last year last Thursday. The journey from home to UEA lasted for ages (12 hours total) and was horrible. I’d been extremely sick the previous day and thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to Norwich. I swear these things only happen to me. Staying awake all day was hard but I somehow made it. 


Packing up once more.

Waiting for my connection in Cambridge.

Waiting for my connection in Cambridge.

So I’ve been really busy unpacking, shopping and getting used to being in England, away from my family (which is slightly weird after spending three months at home). Living in a house is cool, but there are tons of things to sort out like bills, bins, so much more cleaning, opening the door to tons of people (I didn’t expect that) and some really fun adventures (unblocking our toilet without a plunger for instance). Fortunately, we chose a very nice house that’s not too far from campus so that’s good and there’s no disappointment! 😀 That’s a relief! The only downside is that most of my flatmates and friends from last year are now living on the other side of campus but we’ll still try to meet up regularly. However, living in an English house with a garden is quite new to me and like a dream! I never thought I’d live in such a nice house at my age… I do realise how lucky I am.


Our nice garden!


I’d only visited the house twice in January and loved it but it’s hard to look at it properly and know what living somewhere is going to be like when it’s full of other people’s stuff. We’d set up internet and bills during the summer so everything was functional for our arrival. It was quite tricky at first but after doing some research things were much clearer and it’s not that hard (as long as you do things in advance). Me and my friends split things up (gas, electricity, water, internet) between the three of us and what we’ll do is that we’ll pay each other back every time we’ve got to pay the bills. This way, it’s not just one person having all these huge responsibilities in case something ever goes wrong! This is something the people at Homerun suggested to do.

Part of our lounge!

Part of our lounge!


Now all I have to do is wait until my lectures and seminars start again next week! I’m quite stressed about it and already have books and texts to read, but it’ll hopefully go well. I’ll attempt to be even more organised than last year and stop overworking myself because IT’S FINE IF I DON’T READ EVERY SINGLE WORD OF EVERY SINGLE BOOK. Last year, there was already a looooot of work to do and I believe there’ll be even more this semester. Wish me luck, haha!

Meanwhile, I’ll relax and have as much fun as possible! I still need to discover more places in Norwich such as Eaton Park, and perhaps other museums in the city centre. 

Good luck to all the freshers and other students! I wish you all a good and successful year 🙂

Skyping my brother!

Skyping my brother!


2 comments on “Year 2: Moving Back to England

  1. Fred
    20 September, 2015

    GOOD LUCK 😍♥ …. as we Say “MERDE”. You have Every things to GO on ….


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