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Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as a Collector

This is an extremely late review of the opening of the new exhibition “Magnificent Obsessions: the Artist as a Collector” at the Sainsbury Centre! I was invited to attend opening on the 11th of September, the day after I came back to England. I felt very lucky and special for being invited (thanks to my blog with my “guest” to this private viewing. I am entering the VIP world! I kept joking about having champagne there… and although they didn’t have any, I did get nice wine! There was even an awesome jazz band playing too.



But back to serious things: art! Or rather, collections. Because this exhibition has taken a very different approach from the other ones I’ve seen at there before.

Magnificent Obsessions focuses, as the title indicates, on collections by great contemporary artists such as Arman, Peter Blake, Hanne Darboven, Edmund de Waal, Damien Hirst, Howard Hodgkin, Dr Lakra, Sol LeWitt, Martin Parr, Jim Shaw, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andy Warhol and Pae White. Their collections, no matter how big or small, range from postcards, eyeballs and birds to scarves and manufactured products. 



I wasn’t sure about this approach at first: you usually expect to see pieces BY the artists in galleries, not the objects they collected throughout their lives. However, I found most of the collections interesting — and some rather disturbing! Another special thing about Magnificent Obsessions is that it is an interactive exhibition: visitors can share their collections (even if it’s just stamps) with the Sainsbury Centre via Twitter which is pretty cool! In any case, it’s always lovely to visit the Sainsbury Centre because I keep discovering new artists and brilliant pieces there. If you come around Norwich, come have a look! It’s on until the end of January. 


New items in the shop designed for this exhibition!


One comment on “Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as a Collector

  1. Fred
    25 October, 2015

    Magnifique endroit …. félicitations 😍


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