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London and Victoria & Albert Museum

A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend met up in London — we’d been planning this short trip for ages since we got tickets to see Steven Wilson at the Royal Albert Hall in April! Going to London from Norwich is so easy and convenient and is also quite cheap is you book early enough. This time I left by train (Norwich to Liverpool Street) and came back using Megabus, which was miraculously on time! We arrived in the afternoon and decided to go to the Victoria & Albert Museum because I’d never visited it. It’s huuuge and you’d probably need to spend an entire day (or two) there to see everything.



I loved the green thing that was hanging in the main hall!

However, we weren’t really interested in the “old” or foreign stuff because all this is quite similar to museums I’ve visited before (the British Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge…). Instead we went to the modern and contemporary era part and I thought it was even more interesting. I always find it strange to see objects that have been invented so recently in a museum and that you remember, like these antique mobile phones or cassette players from the 90s! It’s weird to see objects that seem so familiar and remote from us at the same time! 



A really cool dress made by a designer a few years ago.

As the time to head to the venue was getting closer, my excitement grew (a lot)! I was super excited to see this band that I adore play and it was so nice and relaxing to have a day away from Norwich and from work — even if it involved a lot of travelling. I’d never been to this venue and thought it looked fantastic and super classy! The concert was amazing (as usual with them) and I urge you to listen to Steven Wilson if you’re into prog rock or simply want to discover something totally new.



A few minutes before the gig started!

I shall be back to London soon! 


2 comments on “London and Victoria & Albert Museum

  1. student nurse adventures
    4 November, 2015

    Looks like you had fab time! xx 🙂


  2. Fred
    19 October, 2015

    Thanks for This visit 😉


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