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21st Birthday in London

I just came back from another awesome weekend in London, except this time it was even better because it was my birthday! I’m now 21 and so old! I’d been planning it for a while with my boyfriend and was super excited for it even though I am getting dangerously close to deadlines (and the end of the semester). 

I left around 12 on Friday so I’d have all of the afternoon in London. I decided to explore Piccadilly Circus on my own and ended up in China Town. It was fun and I discovered a cool manga and animé shop and also the Nickelodeon shop, which was awesome! I didn’t know such a place existed, and it was full of Sponge Bob pyjamas. I could really picture myself looking cool and edgy in them, while reading Shakespeare. I like saying that I turned 21 but am actually 12 inside. It is partly true.


Piccadilly Circus


China Town

I didn’t expect to find the theatre in which Derren Brown is performing from November to January. I’m a big fan of his and nearly had a heart attack when I saw these huge posters! I was secretly hoping to stumble upon him around the theatre but didn’t…


If you know me, you’ll know that I’ll want to visit museums wherever I go. I’d therefore planned to go to the National Gallery after my tour of London: it’d visited it in 2012 when I came on holiday for a week with my family, but really wanted to go back since then. It is huge (and easy to get lost) and they have paintings from the early Renaissance to the end of the 18th century. This is the kind of stuff I love! My day was made even better when I found the Rembrandt portraits because I’m a big fan of his. Oh and they have still lifes and “vanities”! What more could I want?


Still Life




Rembrandt’s self-portrait.


I’d seen this one before but always thought that it was the work of a modern artist!

I joined my boyfriend and his parents later in the evening. The next day, we’d planned to go to the Science Museum again. It’s just really well made, everything is well explained, they have temporary exhibitions and it’s free! But before that, we finally went to Wasabi and I looooooved it. Why is the closest one  in Cambridge?


At the museum, there was a new part about food cravings and how food may affect our behaviour or health. It was very informative (and I could identify a lot with chocolate cravings…). They’d put a panel on an artist who made paintings with foodand computers on which you could take part of a study about the relation between what we eat, how it’s presented on a plate, and sounds. We also had a look at another small exhibition about Churchill and the scientific advances made during WW2. I thought I knew everything about the Science Museum but discovered a wing we’d never seen before! 



I want the same dress.



Tate Modern

We then went very quickly to Tate Modern but could only spent 30 minutes there since we’d booked a table at an amazing Malaysian restaurant that I strongly recommend: Champor Champor! The food was amazing and they had several vegetarian and vegan options. I had a really good evening with everyone! 😀 Later, we had champagne while listening to some Abba songs: the LCR should be jealous.



I told you I’m a kid inside.


Sunday was my actual birthday so I opened awesome presents with my boyfriend and his parents! When I got back home at night, my housemates were waiting for me and gave me more presents! I was super happy and had an awesome weekend 😀



5 comments on “21st Birthday in London

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  2. Fred
    2 January, 2016



  3. Ankit Mishra
    12 December, 2015

    Belated Happy B’day…Anne! 🙂


  4. student nurse adventures
    6 December, 2015

    looks like you had fun! 🙂


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