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Derren Brown’s Miracle

Last Saturday was an amazing day, I went to see one of my idols, an awesome person who’s accompanied me since the start of university… Mr. Derren Brown!

I had no idea who he was until the start of my first year, when I was chatting about Sherlock with my flatmates. One of them mentioned the episode of Sherlock’s “suicide” and how Martin Freeman gets hypnotised by a certain “Derren Brown”. Having no idea who he was and not wanting to make a fool of myself for pretending I knew, I enquired : who? And that’s how it all starts! Evenings and evenings were spent watching his live and TV shows on our beloved 4OD — an endless source of fun and weirdness.

For those who do not know him, he is basically a magician, hypnotist, mentalist and on top of all this, an incredible showman! I’m not a big fan of magic although I find it interesting (and very frustrating) but it’s mostly because of the whole “magician persona”. However, Derren Brown is much more than that and magic is only a fraction of all the tricks he does. I’m watched a few hypnotists shows on French TV before but something was missing… It’s so easy for these shows to get very boring quickly. Derren offered a solution to all this and, I think, revolutionised all these techniques.

Firstly, because he’s an amazing story telling and showman. Besides, he’s hilarious and looks like a very kind and honest person (an idea that was reinforced after reading his book Confessions of a Conjuror that I strongly recommend — it’s hilarious and so ‘true’). Each of his show tells a particular story and goes in a specific direction, to demonstrate one point. And I’ve never been disappointed.


The amazing show Miracle was no exception. I’d seen he was performing in London between November and January before touring in the UK but did not want to pay the price of his shows (quite high) or have to travel to see him. Although I kept thinking about it and kept checking his tour dates I resisted…until the final day of last semester when I found out you could get cheapish (£18) tickets for London at Palace Theatre if you were right at the top balcony. So I got a ticket, and waiting patiently for the 16th of January to arrive.

Miracle was an incredible show, that is all I can say. As usual, the first part establishes the direction the show will go in before being a mix of everything. The second part was by far the best, it was fascinating and absolutely mindblowing. He explores Evangelical Christianity and debunks the tricks (scams) they do in exchange for “healing” and huge sums of money. I won’t reveal any spoilers but go see him live if you get the opportunity! All I’ll say is…I do realise you’ve probably not come on my blog to read about my admiration for Derren Brown but he’s been a huge part of my time at uni and every time I need to a break from work, I find consolation in his shows.

This show is about happiness, and the message behind it was wonderful. I adored it. He’s even writing a book on this topic so I’m looking forward to reading it. It was everything I’d expected. There were some weird and crazy moment that made everybody cringe, things that will probably wake me up at night and make me wonder “how?!”. Many many very hilarious moments — thanks to Derren or to members of the audience who came up onstage. Moments when I was like “What the fuck?! How?!” and moments when I thought “Awww” with a tear in my eye.

He concluded the show like it had started, with a very meaningful and kind message about happiness, how our lives can be better and the importance of always “Looking on the bright side of life” to quote my favourite Monty Python song (I’m so English!).

It’s been a torture not to tell anyone what actually happened during the show and every time I think about it all, I get this huge smile on my face! One day, I will reveal all these secrets… But until it’s broadcasted on TV (it’s been filmed), my lips are sealed!

It is now time for me to go to my lecture before getting a train to Southampton! I’m back in London again next week to see Steven Wilson (again) 😀


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