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A Birthday Weekend in Southampton

I’m back from another awesome weekend, in Southampton this time! I spent three days there with my boyfriend for his birthday, he’s 22 now 😀 It’s insane to think of all the birthdays spent together now. Our weekend was just amazing even though I had to sleep on the floor: he loved my presents, we walked a lot, talked a lot, laughed a lot, started playing his new video game, went to Ikea (!) and I successfully converted him to Derren Brown — what more could I want? 


Although busy weekends mean I have to do all my work during the week and struggle to do so, it’s very nice to get some time away from Norwich and from my daily routine. It’s nice to see my boyfriend because things can get tough when the person you love is far away from you. So this is just a short post to say that even though university is hard and there is so much to do all the time, it is extremely important and vital to take some time off, to say “I’m off now” and to make the most out of these years of your life. Things can be particularly hard if you’re in a long distance relationship so that’s something to remember: you must make a lot of time for each other and visit regularly. Otherwise, I don’t see how it could work out.



I want to look back to my university year and remember all my trips to London, my weekends with my boyfriend visiting me, the concerts I (we) went to and all the fun times spent with friends rather than focus on how many hours I spent sat at my desk stressing about finished a book or an assignment. It is undeniably a huge part of uni (that’s the point of it) but there’s no way a human being can only focus on work all the time. 

Despite a very busy first semester and lots of weekends with my boyfriend, I managed to get very satisfying grades on all my essays (64, 65 and… 75%!)! I hope things go as well this semester. It’s always motivating to see I managed coursework even when I thought I’d failed some of them.

I’m looking forward to more weekend like this one and I know I’ll definitely go back to Southampton when the second semester is over. I do realise how lucky I am to be able to do these things and it makes me feel very happy and grateful 🙂 . I’m usually sad to go back to Norwich but I’m seeing Joshua again in London in a couple of days to see Steven Wilson live! 


Birthday meal in Pizza Express


Heaven (Sprinkles)


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