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Back to Norwich


Here I am, in the land of tea, sat in the lounge of my English house. Easter is already over, so is the semester, so is my second year, and I am wondering where time has gone. It feels like I was starting the second semester and writing about being halfway through my degree yesterday. I was motivated for this semester, motivated to start working hard from the start so as to be at least a week ahead in all my modules so I would start working on the essays early and would not have to stress about anything. Things never go as planned though but I will be fine.



I spent three weeks back home, in France, with a suitcase full of books. It felt so good despite the work. I’d missed all the places I go to and the warmth and, despite all the work and the three essays I had to work on, I spent as much time as possible with my little brother and family. No matter how many times I’ve said and thought Easter wasn’t a real break because work never stops – there’s always another book to read – it was nice to be home, in a familiar place with familiar faces.

Beach in Nice

Beach in Nice

Place Masséna

Place Masséna

There are still so many things I want to do in the South of France, things that will have to wait until the summer (which may be the last long and “real” summer at home? Scary thought…) – such as visiting my grandmother a lot more because I miss her! It breaks my heart to say I barely touched my instruments during Easter, although I have had a burning desire to play flute and strum distorted chord on my electric guitar for weeks and weeks!

However, work was my priority and I did read some books and even finished my first essay for European Literature (“Anxiety, guilt and existentialism in Camus’s The Outsider and Tabucchi’s Pereira Maintains”). It took much longer than I wanted, I kept changing things and the order of my plan but I did it, eventually. I’m not super happy with it for now but I’ll get feedback from my tutor in the next few days which is good in a way, but to be honest I just want to get rid of it because I need to focus on the next two essays and the final Shakespeare play (I find it nearly impossible to focus on another task if the first one isn’t fully done).



Anyway, let’s focus on the good stuff: I read two novels and am currently reading a third one (NW by Zadie Smith – different but alright so far), I wrote a 3000 words long essay and, most importantly, I spent time with the people I love which is what matters the most!

My brother went on a school-trip to London for four days and when he came back he told me: “Now I understand how you feel every time you have to go back to university.” I found it so cute. I got back to Norwich a week earlier this time because my parents and my brother came back with me! It was so nice to finally be able to show them the campus I talked so much about, the city and my house. And I’m so fed up of travelling on my own each time… I think they liked it! Letting them go back to France this morning was heart-breaking and my brother didn’t want to leave – he wanted me to adopt him… I would keep him in England with me if I could. I will write a blog about our week in Norwich very soon!


No, I haven’t been to Russia… There’s a beautiful Russian Cathedral in Nice!

Now that they’ve left, I must start intensive work: I have four weeks until all my essays are due! And after that… FREEDOM! Sort of. I’m so worried about failing that I keep dreaming about essays, work, the books I’ve read, Sartre and philosophy (I’m not kidding – this dream was taking place in my grandmother’s bathroom…), and I even have nightmares about Shakespeare (that one was horrible)! What has my life come to?

My boyfriend just arrived tonight and he’s going to stay for a week. We are celebrating our fifth anniversary 🙂

See you soon!


3 comments on “Back to Norwich

  1. Fred
    19 April, 2016

    T’en fais pas………..♥M…E 🎈 . Ca va aller 😍


  2. student nurse adventures
    14 April, 2016

    happy 5th anniversary and good luck with exams!! ^_^


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