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Art for Lunch


Hi! This is just a quick update about my latest discovery: the Art for Lunch talks at the Sainsbury Centre! I’ve been living in more or less solitary confinement over the past couples of days to focus entirely on writing my two essays (and it’s going well so far!) but thought I needed to get out of the house and see the outsider world a little so as not to drive myself crazy. “Nothing much to report”. Okay that was incredibly nerdy, this is a literary reference to a book that not many people will know (Remainder) so never mind. I think I’ve been working for too long and just need to sleep now.

So I’ve been to the Sainsbury Centre about a hundred times — the last time wasn’t even a week ago — and had never heard about these free talks. We learn new things every day I suppose. A few days ago, they posted something on Twitter about the last Art for Lunch talk of this year happening today and being about… JOHN DAVIES! I love this artist, I love what he does and fell in love with all the pieces that are in the Sainsbury Centre collection the instant I discovered them so I couldn’t miss it.




You may know or recognise the “Bucket Man” which is probably my favourite of the three main statues (or sculptures?) they have. A guide gave us an awesome 30 minutes long presentation on Davies and his relation to the Sainsbury family and the other artists who were under their patronage and the influence they had on his work. It was actually pretty cool when they referred to Giacometti and other artists who were at the new Giacometti exhibition I went to and review last week here. They even showed us two pieces that aren’t on public display in the gallery (see the photo below). 


I will definitely have to go again because it’s always good to learn new things about art! I’ve been particularly interested in modern and contemporary art at the moment because I’m writing my Contemporary Fiction essay on the roles of art and literature in Tom Carthy’s Remainder and Ali Smith’s There but for the. 

On my way back home, I took a few nice pictures of campus so why not share the campus love while I’m at it? 🙂 





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