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10 Things to do in Norwich


Your exams are over and you’re not sure how to spend your days before you go back home? You are new to Norwich? Don’t worry, here’s a list of 10 fun things you can do here!

1 — Shopping in Norwich



Norwich may not be a huge city, but there is everything you need and you won’t run out of cool shops to visit. There are all kinds of shops in the city centre, on Red Lion Street, St Stephens Street, the market, lots of smaller streets with amazing and random shops to discover, the Mustard shop, Royal arcade and two shopping malls — Chapelfield and Castle Mall! You could also go to the beautiful Forum and visit the Television and Movie store, you won’t regret it! There are also tons of restaurants (special mention for the Waffle House) and places where you can grab a snack. In other words, there’s enough to keep you busy for a while!


2 — Norwich Castle and Galleries



How could you come to a city that has a castle and not visit it? Norwich castle is super cool and fun for kids and adults and you can even get super cheap tickets on hour before closing. On top of that, you get access to the other galleries where you can see stuffed animals, very old dresses and other cool things! I couldn’t recommend it enough. 

3 — Norwich Museum at the Bridewell



I found this museum very interesting since I wanted to know more about the city I was going to live in for at least three years. And indeed, I learnt a lot! Do you know how and why Norwich grew so much and welcomed immigrants in the 18th century? Do you know the story behind “the canaries”?  If not, you need to head straight to Norwich Museum! The entry fee is reasonable but you can also come an hour before closing for only £1! If you want to read more about it, here’s my full review.

4 — The Plantation Garden



It’s super hot and sunny but you’re not sure what to do? The perfect place would be the Plantation Garden just outside the city centre! It’s a wonderful and relaxing place, it truly feels like you’re miles away from the city. You can see more photograph here

5 — Sainsbury Centre



I couldn’t make this list without mentioning the Sainsbury Centre! There, you will see an incredible juxtaposition of artefacts from all over the worlds and of more recent paintings and sculptures in the main free gallery. And if you want to see more, why not visit their temporary exhibitions? 

6 — Churches and Cathedrals




One thing that strikes me about Norwich and England is general is the number of churches. Not only are there numerous churches in Norwich, but there are also two beautiful cathedrals. Whether you are religious or not is out of the question: these are impressive buildings with a fascinating architecture! If you’re a music lover, you can hear concerts and recitals there sometimes, or even hear the church organ player practise. 



7 — Lake, rivers and parks




This one’s for nature lovers and people who  enjoy listening to music in the sunshine or chatting with friends for hours! The obvious place to go would be UEA’s lake, but I also adore Earlham Park and the river at the back of the UEA village. Not that many people know about it but it is really cool, especially at sunset on a sunny day. I also like Eaton Park, especially on weekends because it’s full of families having picnics and kids playing. Fancy a game of mini golf? Well this is the place to be! Bonus: the ice cream van usually comes after school! 




8 — A trip to the beach

Last year, my boyfriend and I went to Sheringham for a day and we both loved it. We also visited the Priory Maze and Gardens which was really cool! It is not far from Norwich and train or bus fares to Sheringham, Cromer and Great Yarmouth aren’t too experience — which makes a trip to the beach the perfect destination for you and your friends. 




9 — Riverside

I love Riverside because it’s such a cute and nice place, situated near the rail station. You could simply head to the huge Odeon cinema, or perhaps go to the bowling! The Waterfront, a small music venue, is only about five minutes from it — watch out for gigs and artists you don’t want to miss!


10 — Visit England

You could very easily plan a day trip or even a weekend in London! Getting there from Norwich is super easy: you can either get a train there, from Norwich station in the city centre or get a coach! Trains are experience but you can get a 16-25 railcard or you can even get one for free if you join certain banks — and with a railcard, you can get really good prices depending on the time and day you travail. It only takes two hours to get to London by train, but the other and much cheaper option would be to get a Megabus coach! Their bus stop is on campus and it usually takes around 3 hours to get there 🙂


Obviously, London isn’t the only place that you could visit and most of my English friends don’t particularly feel excited about it since they’ve been many times before. With the rail station at your doorstep, you could easily go anywhere! My boyfriend and I went to Cambridge twice last year for instance and we loved it: they have cool museums and it’s nice to explore other cities.

I am always eager to do and discover new things so let me know if there is anything you would add to this list! 🙂 


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