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New York

I am incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to say that my family and I spent 10 days awesome days in New York! 😀

I made a little video to remember all the things we did and saw. The most amazing memory I’ll keep of this family trip is the Sunday morning we spent in a gospel church in Harlem, with Cindy — a local we met through a website. Their songs and voices made me shiver more than once. Unfortunately, I was unable to film or take photographs but if you ever go to New York, you must go to a church in Harlem. That afternoon was also incredible since Cindy took us to Marjorie Eliot’s flat in North Harlem — where this woman has been giving free jazz concerts every Sunday afternoon with other musicians since 1993. I have a couple of videos of this and you can find more about Marjorie on Youtube. 

Here are a few photographs… It was hard to pick a few but I can’t upload 5,000 photos on my blog! 


View from the Empire State Building


Central Park

Central Park


No, my little brother isn’t taller than me…


Beautiful 9/11 memorial


One World Trade Center



One comment on “New York

  1. Fred
    14 July, 2016

    Magnifique séjour en famille dans cette ville surprenante… inoubliables rencontres …😍


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