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Banana Bread Recipe

I have discovered a new amazing thing: banana bread! My friends seem to know about it so I guess it’s just not a French thing. If you have too many bananas and don’t know what to do with them, or are just looking for a good filling snack/breakfast, I have what you need! This recipe is super fast and easy (and therefore perfect for students!). 


What You Need

3 peeled bananas, preferably very ripe

1/3 cup of melted butter

1/2 sugar (some recipes say you can use more, but 1/2 is more than enough)

1 egg, beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla extract (if you don’t have any I’m sure it’s fine)

1 teaspoon baking soda (I didn’t have any, and it still tasted and looked good)

Pinch of salt

1 and 1/2 flour

A small loaf pan (or any small container than can go in the oven)


A not-very appealing mix.

A not-very appealing mix.

Preheat the oven to 175°C

In a bowl, mash the bananas with a fork and stir the melted butter in the mashed bananas.

Add baking soda, salt, sugar, beaten egg and vanilla extract

Mix in the flour.

It’s ready to put in the oven! Bake for about 50 minutes but keep checking it, and see if the knife comes out clean.




4 comments on “Banana Bread Recipe

  1. Katie Brown
    23 November, 2016

    I’ve always been a little fearful of bread based recipes, but banana bread is just one thing I can’t say no to!! I sometimes use almond extract too which tastes just as nice too!


    • Anne-Sophie
      23 November, 2016

      Don’t be fearful of this one! It’s super good, healthy, filling, quick, easy.. What more could you ask for?


  2. Geoff Griffiths
    17 October, 2016

    It’s lovely to see anyone discovering great food treats. Banana bread is a winner as far as I’m concerned. A friend made this for us recently and had added chocolate chips. That worked pretty well too… Yum!
    Erm… if you are French, writing for a (mainly) British audience, what’s with all those American cup measures? We are decidedly metric here, if you don’t mind! 😛


    • Anne-Sophie
      17 October, 2016

      Haha I apologise to the whole British people for using cup measures! In my defence, I used it for two reasons. Firstly, that’s what the recipe I found online said. Secondly, I’m not familiar with these measures and initially thought that the person meant I had to use an actual mug. The first time I made banana bread, I thus started using my usual tea mug when my (English) housemate suddenly stopped me from committing such an awful crime: she explained that it’s the American system and lent me her measuring cups. However, as further defence, I like the idea of using a mug: as long as it’s proportional, it’d work. Also, I never bought much kitchenware so — as a student — I find it much easier to use what I already have (mugs). I always end up borrowing my friends’ stuff… One day I’ll buy my own measuring jug and my own cups, I promise 😛


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