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I’m a Volunteer for the Wellbeing Service!


I am finally a volunteer for the Wellbeing Service, a partner of Norwich Mind, and I can’t say how happy and proud I feel! 🙂

I’d been trying to join them for a while when, during the summer, I finally got an email telling me that they had lots of new opportunities that I could apply for. I filled in an application form and was successful! They invited me for an interview but since I was still in France at the time, we couldn’t meet until mid-September. I went there super prepared to make a good impression and realised they already wanted me as a volunteer. Unfortunately, training wouldn’t be until November (which was last week — just after the Trumpocalypse).

The Wellbeing Service works in partnership with Norwich Mind. They provide clinical and social support for people suffering from mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. They offer one-to-one support with psychologists, CBT (online or face to face) and a wide variety of workshops such as Stress Control, Mind First Aid, Retraining Your Thinking…

It is an amazing service that helps so many people and it’s all NHS funded! If you can, please get involved and make a difference in people’s lives. There are many different things you can do there, check out the opportunities page. Raising mental health awareness is so important!



One comment on “I’m a Volunteer for the Wellbeing Service!

  1. Fred
    18 November, 2016



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