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The Wellcome Collection


I meant to write this a while ago but have been far too busy. I heard about the Wellcome Collection in London a few months ago and finally got the opportunity to visit the museum earlier this semester. Entry is free, it is near Euston, and it’s A-MA-ZING!

The museum is run by the Wellcome Trust. They do a lot of work related to health, science and education! They support innovative projects and research too.

So the museum is about health in general, whether physical or mental. I think the main reason why I liked it was the exhibition “Bedlam: beyond the asylum” — an exhibition reimaging “the asylum.”

If you want to see it, go soon because I believe it ends around mid-January! It was so cool because it was related to the module I’ve been doing this semester, Nervous Narratives. As its name indicates, this exhibition was about the evolution in methods of treatment for mental illnesses – from asylums to mental health clinics nowadays.

Part of it was more historical and super interesting, and another part linked science, mental health and art. Towards the end was a bit that I found so touching. It was a series of drawings made by various people (or artists?) about their “perfect day” at a mental hospital in comic/drawing form.

Since the Wellcome trust encourages mental health awareness, there was also a small section asking visitors to think about what we would do to help someone — which is a really good thing to do.


On the upper floor, there was a lot about Wellcome, the founder of the trust. We got to see lots of old (and terrifying) medical and surgical equipment, and even stuff like ancient prosthetic legs, etc.

The final part was about the body and DNA, with information about obesity and things like that. It was quite cool and definitely conveyed their general message of the importance of preserving health through good diet and lifestyle.

I really recommend it if you ever get a chance to go! It’s a good museum that’s just the right size and that raises awareness for very important issues 🙂 

I ended up doing a lot of research about the work they do because I applied to their General Graduate Programme (wasn’t taken though)!

Let me know what you thought about it if you get the chance to see this exhibition or if you know of similar ones 🙂


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