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Three years of my life as an EU student of English Literature at the University of East Anglia,England.


KESHIKI (meaning “landscape” in Japanese) is the result of global collaboration and international effort. The series of booklets associates the short fiction of eight contemporary writers based in Japan, the admirable work of translators and the beautiful artworks produced by artists from Norwich University of Arts. Published by Strangers Press, KESHIKI aims to introduce international and translated literature to a wider audience and to highlight the talents associated with Norwich, England’s first UNESCO City of Literature. The works produced celebrate collaboration and creativity. They blur the line between cultures and, equally, collapse the limit between words and images, turning visual art into an integral part of the reading experience. Exploring contemporary themes such as life and identity in a globalized and technologized world, the KESHIKI series is a unique reading experience!

My favourite story was Mikumari by Misumi Kubo. I will just leave you with the (almost surreal) blurb… I couldn’t stop laughing at first, reading some of the extracts to my housemate, but as the story went on I realised that something very interesting was going on in this story. And they are all like this: totally destabilising but refreshing reading experiences.

I also reaaally enjoyed The Transparent Labyrinth by Keiichiro Hirano. As soon as I read its blurb I knew it’d be awesome!

You can read more about the KESHIKI series here and here



One comment on “KESHIKI

  1. Ravenclaw Book Club
    2 June, 2017

    I’ve only read Spring Sleepers! I quite liked it but I didn’t love it


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