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Project grades and graduation update

My degree is over for good now! I got both my project grades back and I did sooooo well I can’t even believe it. I knew I’d probably done well in Science Fiction and was aiming for a 1st: I got 76%!! This is my best grade ever at university. It was worth spending days and days editing my project, which was way too long, and getting frustrated about the fact I had to delete so many parts.  You can read about my SF project here if you want to know more about it!

Regarding Travel Literature, I had no idea what to expect or how well or badly I’d done. I would have been relieved as long as I passed, happy with anything above 60% and I managed to get a 73%! I’m very glad I followed my seminar leader’s advice on my essay “direction” haha. You can read about this project here


I remember moments of high stress over the past weeks thinking: what do I do if I fail Travel Literature? How can I find the money to retake my third year? Now, I can’t believe it and I can’t say how happy, relieved and proud I am!

I expected to do well but certainly not that well! Very quickly after starting my studies at UEA, I realised that I might not get the grades I used to get at school and at university in France but knew that I’d be very satisfied with a 2:1. I didn’t even dream of getting a 1st. However, after using my (awful) maths skills yesterday, I realised my average grade of second and third year was like 69,2%. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut after talking to my boyfriend who’s much better than me at maths (which isn’t difficult) and after remembering that third year weighs more than second year we realised that my average grade should be exactly 70%. Which means… I MIGHT get a first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it doesn’t make a real difference but I can’t say I wouldn’t be frustrated to be so close to a first and not get one. Anyway: I have asked the hub and they said we won’t be told for sure before the beginning of July.

Science Fiction feedback. I had to get someone to transcribe it for me 😛

I’ve said it before, but before moving to England to study at even after I’d arrived, I had no idea what I’d put myself into and no idea whether I would succeed or fail miserably straight away, or whether I would even be able to understand “real” English people all the time. I know how lucky I am for being able to have done all this, but still, I am immensely proud of all my achievements, how much I have improved over the years, all the struggles I have overcome while being at university and of all my hard work (often too hard, but hey).

Now that I know all my grades, I feel like there’s been a huge weight lifted from my chest and I am actually excited for graduation – through I know I’ll be sad and emotional. My parents and my little brother are coming from France especially for graduation and they’ll be staying in Norwich for a week which I’m super happy about 🙂

The good old days, in the library!


2 comments on “Project grades and graduation update

  1. Ravenclaw Book Club
    12 June, 2017

    Aw yay congrats!! You did really well 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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