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Paul Nash Exhibition

The Rye Marshes.

I’ve finally visited the Paul Nash exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre! Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to go to the opening this time, I’d never heard of Paul Nash, and had no idea what to expect… But I was so nicely surprised!

I was lucky enough to arrive at a good time on a Sunday afternoon and to be able to do a free guided tour, which helped my understanding of Nash’s work so much! I feel that, thanks to it and the lovely guide, I truly appreciated the exhibition and the work of this artist. 

We Are Making a New World — I adored it and the title’s irony.

What really struck me about Paul Nash’s work is his versatility and from this exhibition, its diversity! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before. Not only was his work really varied, but I would never have guessed some paintings were made by the same person if I hadn’t been told. In other words: there is something for everyone! Which is fantastic because I know sometimes you can be put off by some artists because everything looks the same (at first sight, at least). While Nash did lots of “pastel” paintings (some reminiscent of the artist Grant Wood) that I think are his most famous ones, the visually darker ones were by far my favourite ones!

The Menin Road.

I also learnt a lot from this guided tour, being told about Nash’s experience at during World War I and him being an official war artist. His war paintings are particularly interesting because of the contrast between the ones he made before he was a soldier and the ones made later on — after witnessing the attrocities of war. 

Paul Nash was also an incredible book illustrator and one of the founders of the group “Unit One” – formed in 1933 to promote modern art, architecture and design (I found this part of the exhibition interesting but it’s not my thing).

Blue House on the Shore — based on a little house in Cros de Cagnes in France, which is not far from where I’m from! I wonder if this house still exists… I should investigate!

In a nutshell: this is another brilliant exhibition offered by the Sainsbury Centre! It is on until August so don’t waste time and go visit it as soon as you can! As always: students can get a free membership card, granting them free access to all the exhibitions. You must go!

You can find out more about the Paul Nash exhibition and the Sainsbury Centre here.



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